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2,000 t/d Domestic Sewage Treatment Project in Bajing Town, Gao’an City, Jiangxi Province, China

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1. Profile

(1) Project site:

Bajing Town, Gao’an City, Jiangxi Province.

(2) Owner:

Bajing Town People’s Government of Gao’an City.

(3) Capacity:

2,000 t/d domestic sewage treatment.

(4) Date of operation:

August, 2014.

(5) Investment, construction and operation:

It was invested and built by the Owner and operated by Jiangxi JDL Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.

2. Major environmental problems to be addressed

Domestic sewage treatment.

3. Environmental standards and/or main index limits to be followed

According to The Reuse of Urban Recycling Water-Water Quality Standard for Urban Miscellaneous Water Consumption (GB/T 18920-2002), BOD5≤10 mg/L, NH3-N≤10 mg/L, chromaticity≤10 and pH6~9.

4. Technological process

Sewage → grid (bar screen) → FMBR → effluent.

5. Environmental pollution control effects

For the influent, CODcr≤286 mg/L, BOD5≤86 mg/L, SS≤108 mg/L, NH3-N≤10.4 mg/L, pH6.9, chromaticity≤16; for the effluent, CODcr≤22 mg/L, BOD5≤1.2 mg/L, SS≤6 mg/L, NH3-N≤2.4mg/L, pH6.7 and chromaticity≤2. There was no discharge of organic excess sludge during daily operation.

6. Investment and operation cost:

The total investment of the project was about RMB 8.5 million, and the investment per ton of water was about RMB 4,250. The operation cost per ton of water was about RMB 0.96.

Case highlights: It features short process flow and simple management. During daily operation of the project, no organic excess sludge is discharged. The floor area of equipment per ton of water is small (less than 0.3 m2), which is convenient for site selection.